About Us

Our Vision

To provide every home based business in Sri Lanka an ecommerce platform at a very reasonable fee to enable selling products and services online.

What we do?

We offer two options to qualifying home based businesses. A franchise scheme where one will get a store branded to Comerfresko theme with the right to use our logos and trade marks. All products will go out with our brand name, Comerfresko. Second option is open to those who wants to have own online store within our platform. In this case all branding would be the choice of the business owner.

Each store will be restricted to a geographical area, typically maximum 15 kilometers from the place of business for the sole purpose of delivering goods and services to our valuable customers living in the area at a reasonable delivery fee. A business who wants to operate in different areas may open multiple stores in our platform guided by the said kilometer radius limit.

Who we are?

We are a group of senior IT professionals with years of experience in the industry who are dedicated to making a difference by taking the technology to those who cannot effort large scale solutions. We want to grow together with these businesses.