About Us

What we really do?

Our primary focus is to provide for office going and those who attend to higher education institutes. We engage food providers in and around your office and/or institute location to bring you a freshly made delicious meal.

Our providers will not have a long menu but handful of special meals each one does best. We bring the chosen providers and you decide who is the best. You can help us by reviewing and rating each one of them.

Our Vision

We believe in creating the largest online cooked meal market place in Sri Lanka by providing a fair trade platform to all stakeholders.

History of Beginning

We conceptualized the platform at the beginning of 2019. I must say it was born out of our own frustrations when ordering food to where we worked. We only knew those who had online presence and completely had no knowledge of those small timers around us who made delicious food. Those who had long menus didn’t do justice to us. One meal was good and on that experience you order a different one, it came bad. Not once but many times we tried and failed.

We thought what if there was a platform to bring all those small timers who made delicious meals focusing on a handful of them therefore perfected the art. And those who are in the vicinity where transportation cost was minimal.

Enter the ComerFresko!