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Comerfresko is an eCommerce marketplace for small and home based businesses around Sri Lanka. We are aware you do not have the resources to setup and run your business online. This is why we help you setup your business online and, trial run for 3 months absolutely free of charge. Join our growing merchant network, today.


This is your own online store within Comerfresko eCommerce platform. We help set it up to your branding, setup products, start business and, continue to assist running the business.

[1] Free trial for 3 months.
[2] Free assistance in trial period. 
[3] Free setup max 5 products in trial period. 
[4] FriMi transactions attract 3% fee. 
[5] Store will be disabled after trial period if 
no commercial plan is purchased.
[1] Register with us.
[2] We approve your application.
[3] We setup your online store business in consultation with you. 
[4] We assist you to start and run the business for 3months absolutely free of charge. 
[5] We agree with you during the trial period our commission rates to be applied after trial period.
[6] We continue to assist you run business as per commercial plan you opted.
Please email us today at [email protected] with below information: 
[1] Email subject: Merchant Application
[2] Your Name:
[3] Your Address:
[4] Your Mobile: 
[5] Your Email: 
[6] Nature of your business: